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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 29, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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the tight end. toss there.l rio with a good pickup of 25. >> todd: good protection. del rio stands right in there. we talked about the tight ends in the seam routes. it took the whole game. they finally hit one. >> brad: yeah. that was part of their game plan coming in. first down at the 17 yard line. so, in the red zone here in the final three minutes. back to haskins. he's run out of bounds. no gain on the play. >> todd: haskins, a red shirt freshman. 232 pounds. as is the case with most young backs, the biggest challenge, the biggest change is learning pass protections and in an offense like oregon state's, very sophisticated pass offense.
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and -- >> brad: we said to mike riley, well, what do you expect from haskins, he said, it's just going to depend on which guy he looks at and which guy he picks up if we have to pass. >> todd: yeah. >> brad: doesn't have to pick up anybody there, but the pass is incomplete. oregon state's going to end up 5-7 and 2-7 in conference play, so, you have to rebuild a little bit after losing 20 seniors, as todd said on the defensive side of the ball, as far as their starters. going to be the second straight win now of 11 wins. in fact, oregon, seven straight years of ten wins or more. not too many teams that can say that. >> todd: tell you what. you really have to admire mark helfrich, too. taking over for chip kelly and really no dropoff at all.
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just in terms of offensive productivity, wins, everything. >> brad: did he get there? >> todd: i think he stepped out. stepped out about the 3 1/2 yard line. >> brad: tyler anderson. basically a fullback with a tailback type run here. >> todd: well, that was his first carry, also. >> brad: five receptions coming in, but he gets a little sugar there and he almost got a touchdown. but it's coming back anyway. i didn't see the flag. apparently a holding call we did not see. so, instead of first and goal at the 3, third and 15. back at the 22.
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swing it out there to him. nice move. another flag down. or it would have been first and goal. mike batalan, don't lose your head over this one, mike, we only have two minutes to play. at least don't lose anything more than your cap. >> referee: there are two fouls on the play, both against the offense. holding, number 77 on the offense. that penalty will be enforced ten yards. after the play, personal foul, unnecessary roughness number 77 on the offense. that penalty will be enforced an additional 15 yards. >> brad: that's why mike lost his lid. he threw his flag and had to throw his lid for the second penalty.
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so, that was a double whammy o harlow. it was going to be first and goal at the 3 about a minute ago and that's -- back at the 47. third down and 40. what do you got, todd? >> todd: quick kick. i -- >> brad: i give it to tyler anderson again. see if he can go 47 yards and throw another flag. and they're going to take a time-out. with 1:28 remain iing --
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>> brad: 1:28 remaining before oregon winnings its s its 11th e year. next up for them, arizona in the pac-12 championship game. in santa clara. that will be interesting. a team that's beat them during the regular season. >> todd: yeah. feeling a little bit of a slight advantage for arizona, since they played on friday, just an extra day of rest. >> brad: that's true. >> todd: before they play. >> brad: del rio. screen pass. they did give it to tyler anderson again.
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mreeg please no flag. tyler goes inside the 35. >> todd: no flag, no hat. we play on. >> brad: and it's fourth down and 100. fourth and 48. this is going to be a hail mary down around the 5 yard line. unless they swing it out to tyler anderson. del rio. loads it up and goes to tyler anders. oh. he took a big hit and the ball is out. it's scooped up. fumbled again by oregon. and ends up with who? i think they wanted to say oregon ball but they're unpiling bodies to make sure.
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>> todd: checking to make sure tyler anderson's all right, too. he kind of got bent backwards. at the end of that catch. >> brad: look at who is out there to make sure he's okay. sean mannion. >> todd: that's what captains do. >> brad: yeah. >> todd: good captains. >> brad: did we get an indication on whose ball it is? if it's a turnover, it's actually the first one of the night, if you can believe that. i don't think it was already possessed by anybody, other than tyler anderson before the hit was put on him. >> referee: during the play, there were two fumbles. the first fumble was recovered by the defense. that fumble and the ensuing
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fumble was recovered by the offense, which creates a new series for the offense. first and ten. >> brad: i didn't think it had been possessed, but it was wrong. oregon had it, lost it, oregon state gets it back. first down. if you tried to recreate this when they were at the 3 yard line with what looked like it was going to be a first and goal, to come back to the 47 to end up with a first down at the 31, you do the math, brother. be sure to stay tuned, let robert flores wrap this baby up on the ford wrapup show when we're done. at any rate, first down with 27 seconds left at the 31 yard del rio. throws it -- complete. to haskins. down inside the 20.
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and he's saying hurry up. he wants one more snap, or maybe to clock it here to give them a play. at the 18 yard line. and that's what luke will do. >> todd: well, we mentioned -- you know, you're not going to get bowl eligible. you're not going to get the extra practices. this it is for luke del rio. so, you know, this is his practice time right now. that's why you spike the ball, you give him one more shot. in live action. because you won't see him again in live action until sometime next spring. >> brad: so maybe two plays. maybe only one. two receivers, one in the slot, actually three to luke's left. haskins in the backfield with him on a second down and ten. and now they empty the backfield. luke del rio on what might be
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the final play of this civil war. buys himself some time. finally throws -- incomplete. and the ball game is over. so, oregon wins its 11th game of the year. they go on to play in the pac-12 championship against arizona. season and career over for sean mannion as they fall to 5-7. and a lopsided civil war, 47-19. there's the two quarterbacks. one had a tough night, one had a star-studded night, and he is with holly right now. >> holly: marcus, you have never lost in your career to this oregon state team. what was the key for you tonight? coach riley that he's saying thank you to. what was the key for you tonight to come out here in a rivalry game? >> just start fast. all week we prepared, picking up the tempo and playing to our tempo. we wanted to start fast and we played well tonight.
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>> holly: you have new people in new positions. new wide receiver, new center. how do you keep romming with all the new pieces? >> hats off to the coaches. we prepare all week. and everyone understands it's next guy up. and, you know, hats off to the guys. they played well. we executed well tonight. >> holly: you guy s found out last night that you will face arizona. did you cheat and peek ahead? >> not at all. we were focused on this game. we had to come in and make sure we had all our attention on this game. >> holly: you losz t to arizona earlier. what will be different this time? >> dictating tempo, make sure we play to our level and just go out there and execute. >> holly: thank you, marcus. >> thank you. >> brad: that young man has accounted this year for 47 touchdowns, which just happens to be the amount of points put up on the board tonight in the 118th civil war. second-ranked oregon, 47-19 over their rye values from here in
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corvallis. that's going to wrap it up. for todd blackledge, holly rowe, brad nessler saying good from corvallis. robert flores and the ford wrapup show is coming up next. all right, brad. welcome inside our college football studios. auburn was leading alabama in tuscaloosa in the iron bowl but then auburn made a fatal mistake. they switched it to all madden level in the second half. amari cooper and blake sims torched them. repeopledatedl repeatedly. strike fromcooper. alabama cuts the lead. then sims to white. it's the highest scoring iron bowl in th history of the rivalry. joe namath thinks that's great. and alabama, right now, on espn, final 30 seconds or so, 55-36. staying in the s.e.c.
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the egg bowl. ole miss and mississippi state. jalen walton for the rebels. 91-yard touchdown run. he's the first reb with 100 rushing yards in a conference game this season. rebels enjoy their first nine-win season since 2009. they win the egg bowl, 31-17. big news out of the big ten, where ohio state beat their rival michigan, but it came a heavy price. fourth quarter, j.t. barrett gets bent backward, broken ankle. carted off. he is set for surgery this week. his season is over. howe hoi sta ohio state wins 42-28. michigan does not go to a bowl for the first time since 2009 and just the third time since 1975. ohio state will face wisconsin in the big ten championship game next week. badgers came from behind to beat minnesota in madison.
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acc versus s.e.c. florida state taking on florida. second quarter. jameis winston to nick o'leary. for winston, career low 125 passing yards. four interceptions. but he did have two touchdown passes. florida state hangs on to win. they will take on georgia tech in the acc title game. georgia tech playing georgia in athens. late fourth quarter. justin thomas fumbles. georgia recovers. that lead to this. it's fourth and goal. hudson mason. malcolm mitchell. got it. bulldogs back on top, 24-21. but four seconds to go. georgia tech lining up for a 5-3 yard field goal. harrison butker. yes, sir. 53-yard field goal, career long. we're going to overtime. after a georgia tech touchdown, the point after was blocked. bulldogs, second and goal.
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their overtime possession. hudson mason. intercepted by d.j. white. yellow jackets win over georgia, 30-24. it's their first ten-win season since 2009. their first win over georgia since 2008. more s.e.c./acc action. clemson beat south carolina, 35-17. governor's cup, louisville hangs on to beat kentucky, 44-40. hey, don't forget, next week, acc championship game in primetime, right here on abc. and baylor wins in arlington, 48-46. they hang on to beat texas tech but it wasn't easy. how will it affect the rankings when they come out on tuesday? we'll find out. have a great weekend, everyone. you don't commute every day. you commute every 15 minutes. you put in 4 hours before the 9 to 5'ers even show up. and you don't drive to an office. your van is your office.
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] our top story, ferguson, missouri, police officer darren wilson has resigned. comes days after the grand jury decided not to indict him in the shooting of michael brown. protests continue around the country. >> after all the yank stand gst and- after all the ans anger, and black friday protests, word now that ferguson darren wilson who fatally shot 18-year-old michael brown last august has resigned. was 28, says he is resigning of his own free will. police department had received threats of violence if he stayed on the job. wilson -- ifsir
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officer wilson were to start patrolling the streets again, he could be pulled into a bad situation. wilson, six years with the ferguson police force, said he wanted to wait until the grand jury decision, in this case not to indict him in the shooting death of brown. do you sit in a restaurant, where do you drive? a lifeon talked about turned upside down, moving from house to house, growing a beard, going to movies cloaked in darkness. >> we refused to be comforted. in marchtesters began from ferguson to the missouri state, most agree that wilson's resignation was probably inevitable. >> it is sad. it is unfortunate. it is sad on both sides. security experts say that wilson would be prudent to change his name and appearance.
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the u.s. justice department is continuing its civil rights investigation into the shooting. richard reeve, abc 7 news. in from a gum recounted, one resident and one firefighter townhouse fire a in gaithersburg -- in montgomery county. it happened on silver cattle court. more than a dozen people were displaced. county,montgomery tragedy for a family. the police say that shannon boyfriend strangled her on thanksgiving. she is a cornell student. >> just could not believe it. his one and lost only sibling, shannon jones, on thanksgiving day. the 23-year-old was a senior engineering major at cornell university. >> she was trying to better
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herself. thursdayuest ended when the police found her strangled to death in her off-campus apartment. new york prosecutors have charged her boyfriend, benjamin cayea with second-degree murder. >> you don't appreciate what you have until it's gone. former tech crew director at winston churchill high school. >> conforming to what other people want you to do is not necessary. she was definitely one of those people who broke the norms and wanted to march to her own drumbeat. i think that is one of the things that made her special. >> while studying at cornell, she joined a campus belly dancing troupe. group wrote on facebook, we know you will be with us whatever we dance. rest in peace. idea of what was
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right, what she should do and what should be done, and that is what she did. >> according to investigators, benjamin cayea admitted to choking jones to death. officers,dly told "i'm sorry you guys had to deal with this. i'm sorry you guys had to find her like that." kevin lewis, abc 7 news. >> members of a rough riders association paid tribute to the today.rion barry close to a dozen road courses up and down martin luther king jr. avenue in southeast. the men say that marion barry was an honorary member of their group and loved horses. did love us, and we loved him. and he supported us and has always been a friend. he was like a father to me. vision,is heart and his
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and we will keep pushing to make sure that we have history in the making east of the river. >> one horse did not carry a to symbolize marion barry as a fallen cowboy. there will be a funeral saturday at the washington convention center. after a cold start to the weekend, it will feel almost like spring tomorrow. eileen whelan explains how long the roller coaster temperatures will last. be briefed-up will before we cooldown midweek, but right now not too bad. national, at reagan just two degrees lower than the daytime high. a breeze out of the south making it feel cooler, but predominantly in the 40's across the area. baltimore, 36 culpeper. 35 to 44, but nearing 60 degrees, 60 degrees on monday
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as well. much colder tuesday. also tuesday, the possibility of a winter mix. i will break that down in the forecast coming up. >> the receipts are in from black friday sales. we are seeing a drop compared with last year. according to a shopping research firm, shopper track, americans spent $9.1 billion in stores on black friday. that may sound like a lot, but that is down 7% from last year. ones on think's giving -- thanksgiving day jumped. -- and thes do not sales do not include online sales. today was small business saturday. rebecca cooper shows us how local shoppers spend their dollars. ininside this jewelry store bethesda, customers were enjoying many of the benefits of shopping local. >> thank you so much. >> the manager says that
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customers like avoiding the mobs at the mall, finding something unique and often locally designed, and the extra attention. >> they like that. we have repeat customers. >> at this store in alexandria, they gathered to designate the day after black friday a small business saturday. >> these are the folks who give back. they are members who support the little league teams. >> at the dandelion patch in georgetown, cashmere scarves. >> the special touches really nice. it also shows you do not wait until the last minute. >> it is much more intimate. i like making purchases from the owners themselves. it is a much more pleasant experience. >> it is wonderful with the effort and personal attention, making sure you get what you need and what you like. is a personalized, family
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touch. >> rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> president obama and his daughters are also doing their part to help independently owned businesses. they purchased two bags of books at the bookstore in northwest washington. the president and his daughters shopped at the same store last year. today tonal tribute the maryland surgeon who died of ebola. theneral was held for doctor, gathered at st. mary's catholic church in landover hills. he lived in new carrollton with his wife and two sons, but he went back to his native sierra leone to work because the need for surgeons was so great. he decided to give back and sacrifice. means he was extraordinary. >> he was diagnosed with ebola
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on november 10. he was flown to nebraska for treatment but later died. for the firstly time since her now husband, nfl star ray rice, was cut by the ravens. the interview comes on the heels of rice's indefinite suspension from the league being overturned. that means that rice is free to sign with any team. she says she broke down in tears upon seeing this video. she said she did not talk to him for weeks. >> i just did not even want to entertain it. entertain him, anything he had to say, any explanation. in the back of my mind and in my our relationship would not be over because i knew this was not us. said that her husband told nfl commissioner roger caddell colleagues everything that happened. that contradicts roger goodell's statement that rice did not give the whole story.
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on the heels of the reversal, the nfl says they will make changes to their personal conduct policy. they plan to announce a revision in the coming weeks. the nfl change their domestic violence policy a few months ago to include six-game suspensions for first-time offenders, lifetime bans for second time offenders. bullets flying inside of a store packed with black friday shoppers. what the police believe led to the shooting. and more problems for comedian bill cosby as he deals with assault allegations. and we have heard of breath tests for alcohol. what about for marijuana?


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